Edgbaston Golf Club (Boundary Wall), Birmingham



The project was carried out in 2019 and it took 16 weeks to complete, we had 26 weeks to complete the works but our team work very hard to complete the works before the timeline. This help our client with preliminary costs. 

Once the sensitive removal of vegetation was complete, Ryan and his team were able to begin the process of raking out any failed areas of pointing, cleaning away any earth deposits, tree roots, spalled brick work. Re-pointing was done with new lime mortar. This process undoubtedly ensures a more sensitive and sustainable approach, giving the added benefit that the high skill level required not only guarantees a high quality of workmanship but is also more reflective of the skill and craftsmen originally employed during the EGC boundary construction. 

The boundary wall was 460 meters of repairs in areas using traffic management, this project was carried out to a high standard of health and safety. The end of the wall repair was done in sand and cement, which we had to build using the modern methods.  

Due to the exposed position and the nature of weather, water was pooling on exposed surfaces and entering the structure through cracks and open joints. To combat this, areas of the remaining facing brick work. Other areas also required flaunching, a method that reduces the opportunity of water ingress and pooling on the brickwork. Both flaunching and pointing are done with extreme care and consideration as, if applied too liberally, they can significantly change and even obscure a visitor’s understanding and interpretation of a site and thus be harmful to the heritage significance.

At Edgbaston Golf Club the extensive collaboration between the client team and Reynolds Conservation helped to prevent damaging both the evidential and aesthetic value of the site, whilst confirming an approach that would be both financially viable and provide suitable protection of the Golf Club boundary walls.

Reference from McMillan Associates 

We are delighted to have worked with Reynolds Conservation on this project. Their professionalism,
helpfulness in dealing with complex issues and friendliness were demonstrated throughout the project without fault. The quality of the work was excellent and, despite difficult weather conditions and working within the restrictions imposed by traffic management
along a busy road, they completed the works on programme and with full commitment to working within the budget. I would have no hesitation in working with them again, or recommending them to others.


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